What is the best time-lapse camera for documenting construction projects?

Today, the best time-lapse cameras, by capturing sequential photos over days, weeks, or even months and turning them into a short compressed video clip, have become a necessity in various fields, especially in the documentation of construction projects, environmental, infrastructure, and industrial sectors.
The reality is that many professional cameras and even smartphones have some form of time-lapse functionality that allows you to set an interval timer to take a series of photos. You can then combine them into a video. However, a major issue you face when using non-specialized time-lapse cameras or your phone is that Time-lapse videos are recorded over months or even years and using your everyday technology for that duration is impractical.
Given the limitations and challenges that regular cameras pose for capturing time-lapse videos, using a dedicated camera is considered a better alternative. This is because the camera is designed to last for months and continue its work in different weather conditions.
Next, we will get acquainted with the best time-lapse cameras for documenting construction projects.

  1. Brinno BCC 2000; a full-fledged camera in documenting civil projects
    The BCC 2000 is one of the time-lapse camera models of the Brinno company. With its Full HD image quality, it has managed to attract many fans. Perhaps you ask yourself why? One of the reasons is its professional and sturdy frame. The frame comes with a 16-piece battery pack, allowing continuous recording for up to 90 days. Imagine placing a camera in a fixed location for 90 days and documenting your project without the need for frequent visits and adjustments?
    Moreover, this professional frame is designed to be suitable for all types of weather conditions, enabling the camera placed in this frame to continue its work without being affected by dust, dirt, or rain.
  2. A Look at the Brinno Industrial Time-Lapse Camera Model BCC2000 Lite

This camera is recognized as one of the best professional time-lapse cameras. With powerful HDR and FHD sensors in the Brinno industrial time-lapse camera model BCC2000 Lite, you no longer have to worry about background light or low-light environments. This is because the image quality has significantly improved throughout the day.
This model pack includes: one TLC2020 camera, Brinno ATH1000 waterproof housing, and Brinno ACC1000P clamp base. For documenting civil, construction, infrastructure, and industrial projects, you can confidently use this professional pack and watch the construction progress of a project spanning from months to years in the form of a few minutes of time-lapse video.

Brinno BCC 300, a Professional Construction Time-Lapse Camera

The latest model of Brinno’s time-lapse cameras is the Brinno BCC 300. This model has recently been introduced by the company and is designed in a way that, with its simple and easy user interface, provides the best documentation experience for construction projects. The TLC300 camera is completely waterproof and, with its accessories, and a 60-day battery life, it is a camera that can outperform almost all current market competitors.

Camera Features:

  • Long-lasting battery
  • Sunlight-readable display
  • Installation accessories