About Optix

It is usually hard to have the best of both worlds. Values such as freedom and security, creativity and stability, health and pleasure, ... do not easily come together. Therefore, it is no surprise that man has always been looking for a balance between the optimal levels of each of his desired values in order to obtain the maximum amount of each, according to the possibilities and limitations in place. This is exactly what we do at Optix; seeking the sweet spot between two of the human values that in many cases do not join together easily: convenience and ease of access on the one hand and safety and security on the other. Today, the Internet has made life much easier. Everything happens with a tap of a finger on touchscreens. Everything is connected and all information is available in one place. Everything can be controlled and managed from one place. It can't get easier than this! But when all information is connected, managed, and stored in one place, any breach in this network can put everything at risk.

about optix

Some may think that the possibility of intrusion, spying, stealing, disclosure, manipulation, disruption, etc. in intelligent systems is a risk that we must accept in exchange for the convenience and ease they bring, otherwise, we must deprive ourselves of this convenience and ease of access to keep our security maintained. But here too, there is an optimal balance available that Optix pursues in its smart solutions and products.

Having deep knowledge and experience in the two fields of security and intelligent systems design, Optix team has been able to present safe and efficient products in the area of intelligent management of residential and commercial buildings, products such as entirely original systems to manage and control attendance, entrance and exit, security cameras, time-lapse documentation and other innovative solutions to manage large buildings and complexes securely and comfortably.

Along with these products, we are always ready and eager for new challenges. Accepting new projects in the field of building management systems and providing fully customized smart solutions according to customer needs is another part of our services at Optix.