9 benefits of time-lapse videos in construction projects

The construction industry is an important industry for the development of society, infrastructure, and commercial projects. In large commercial projects, tracking construction progress and sharing the current project status with the client can be challenging. Regular updates on the progress report of the project reassure and provide peace of mind to the clients.

The question here is how do we go about doing this?
The good news is that we can transform regular daily meetings, countless designs and charts, and long project update reports into advanced digital monitoring through time-lapse videos.

Time-lapse videos are an essential tool for documenting construction projects such as civil engineering activities, equipment installations, interior work, architectural design, and renovation projects. This is because it allows clients to see the project construction progress in just a few minutes. Additionally, it can be an excellent tool for presenting to clients about the progress of a large construction project such as a shopping center, manufacturing unit, or other projects.

In essence, clients want to know how projects are built and how much time is spent constructing them, as substantial investment is usually allocated to these projects. Time-lapse videos visually convey such information with a touch of entertainment and creativity.

Next, we will become familiar with 9 advantages of time-lapse videos in construction projects

  1. Time-lapse videos hold significant public relations value.

Public relations departments, due to their interaction with the media, require the sharing of updated intelligent content. Time-lapse videos come with project progress updates and viewer trust-building. Media outlets can showcase the video on their channels, which often leads to attracting a large audience. It must be acknowledged that installing time-lapse cameras on active sites has become indispensable tools for companies.

2. Time-lapse videos assist in introducing new businesses

For sales and marketing teams, delivering a professional presentation is one of the advanced tools in their trade. A time-lapse video aids in preparing these presentations as it swiftly conveys the company’s capacity, capability, and competence to the customer in a matter of minutes. Such visual demonstrations may lead to fostering customer trust in closing crucial deals for new ventures. Remember, customers believe what they see.

  1. Time-lapse videos feed your content engine for the marketing department

Creating engaging content that captures your audience is a challenge for the marketing department of any company. Nothing can generate high levels of interaction for a company better than a time-lapse video. A time-lapse video effectively showcases the construction process and ensures that the viewer can observe the project execution process within a few minutes.

  1. Time-lapse videos demonstrate a company’s positive engagement in the community

Organizations sometimes decide to engage positively in the community by refurbishing an old and damaged site. Time-lapse videos can effectively capture this involvement and showcase how an organization has tangibly and beneficially worked on it over a period of time. This positive community engagement is accompanied by this action.

  1. Time-lapse videos are excellent for the internal communications department of an organization

In larger companies, a considerable number of employees may not even know what their company is working on during a specific period. Time-lapse videos, if showcased internally among employees, regarding important projects, help in fostering internal branding and effective employee engagement. Employees feel proud to be part of an organization that holds a larger purpose within the business ecosystem.

  1. Time-lapse videos facilitate maximum interaction with customers

Time-lapse construction videos are visual reports shared with customers about the progress of a specific project. They often save customers time by eliminating the need to travel to distant locations while providing them with a clear idea of the status of a particular project at a given time. This serves as an excellent project tracking tool that ultimately aims to enhance greater interaction with customers.

  1. Time-lapse videos have a significant quality of sharing

Engineering construction creates a lot of human curiosity as it is a technical job that requires high levels of human participation and coordination. Therefore, a time-lapse construction video has great potential for sharing in the media, and if promoted correctly on social channels or company websites, it can generate a higher number of shares and views.

  1. Time-lapse videos can be used to resolve disputes on-site

Disagreements on construction sites are common. Time-lapse videos provide high-resolution images of the chronology of events as they unfolded, aiding in finding a resolution to disputes.

  1. Time-lapse videos are suitable for construction projects in remote areas.

Construction projects in remote locations can be monitored and tracked without the need for physical visits using a consistent video coverage that displays the construction progress at a specific date.